Where is that vibration coming from? How LUBRIZOL looks at condition monitoring program as a profit center. @ProcessingMag

March 7, 2013

WATER/WASTE PROCESSING • December 2012 Production plant analyzes resonance anomaly; looks at condition monitoring program as a profit center Sometimes in industry, mechanical “circumstances” change. When it happens, a machine train identical to other machine trains can suddenly become atypical. This was exactly the case for Process Water Supply Pump A, whose behavior was very […]

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Vibration Analysis Helps Identify Pump Problem at Water Treatment Facility

September 19, 2012

WATERWORLD • September 2012 The water treatment facility in the City of Fairfield, Ohio, uses vibration analysis as part of its condition-monitoring planned/predictive maintenance program to help verify and assure equipment is operating satisfactorily. The Water Treatment Plant processes an average 5.1 mgd for a population of 44,000 people with a customer base of approximately […]

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Case Study: Eliminating High Vibration Due to Natural Frequency

April 5, 2012

Smith Pump Company recently was called to a pump station to solve a problem with high vibration on three 350HP vertical turbine pumps. The pump station was fairly new and had only been in operation for a year or two. Two of the three pumps were operated on a variable frequency drive (VFD).  The first […]

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What is a pump?

November 22, 2010

A pump is a machine or device for raising, or transferring fluids. All pumps do basically the same thing, the pump best suited for your needs depend on how far, how fast, and how much fluid needs to be transferred. Pumps are very critical to a facility as a whole and unwanted downtime can cause […]