LUDECA debuts the Easy-Laser® XT660 SHAFT Alignment and XT190 BELT Alignment Systems for the US Market

September 19, 2017

LUDECA is proud to announce the new Easy-Laser® XT660 laser shaft alignment system for the United States market. The XT660 is the next evolution in the award-winning Generation XT platform. It builds on the ground-breaking cross-platform technology that was launched last year with the XT440 SHAFT system. You can use your own iOS/Android phone or […]


Precision Maintenance: Belts, Chains, and Sprockets

August 22, 2017

Guest post by Brandon Weil, CMRP at Eruditio LLC Belts, chains, and sprockets, chances are you have at least one if not all of these in your facility, and chances are you’re relying heavily on experience and judgment instead of quantitative inspection criteria. All too often the importance of proper inspection techniques and defined replacement […]

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The Importance of Belt Alignment

December 19, 2013

How important is belt alignment? Misalignment can occur between the driver and driven components no matter what mechanism is used to couple them together. This includes belt driven equipment as well.  Unfortunately,  proper alignment of belt driven equipment is frequently considered non-critical and often forgotten about by maintenance departments.  Belt misalignment is one of the […]

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Good Practices for Sheave Alignment

October 31, 2012

When performing a multiple belt – sheave alignment,  it is imperative that all the belts and belt grooves are inspected individually for wear. If any of the belts are slipping,  then all belts must be replaced at the same time. To achieve an accurate alignment between the pulleys one can use a machinist’s straightedge, or […]

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Tip for Pulley Alignment on Belt-Driven Equipment

June 11, 2012

Maintenance departments periodically schedule maintenance checks on their belt- or chain-driven equipment in order to confirm that a good alignment exists between the pulleys or sprockets, especially if evidence of premature wear on the belts or sprocket teeth is detected. For this task a Dotline Laser, Sheavemaster or Sheavemaster Greenline laser pulley alignment tool is […]

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