Could’a – Would’a – Should’a in Facility Maintenance Industry

February 13, 2018

How many facilities only collect vibration data when it doesn’t interfere with other activities? So often collecting and analyzing data is only one part of a given person’s responsibilities and workloads dictate that the collection and/or analysis take a back seat. When this happens, machine problems are not detected and therefore not reported for corrective […]


3 Easy Steps for Quality Vibration Data Collection

February 17, 2015

Grease,  excess paint,  etc. can affect the quality of collected vibration data. The below 3 steps will ensure that the best possible data quality is always collected: Always carry a rag, scraper, brush, etc. to clean each measurement location before acquiring vibration data. Make sure that the measurement surface is flat and the sensor is not rocking […]

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Order Tracking Allows Accurate Data Collection on Machines that Experience Constant Speed Changes During Data Acquisition

December 28, 2010

Problem: In a number of real world applications the speed of a machine cannot be held to a fixed RPM while vibration data is collected. Solution: The order tracking capability of the VIBXPERT allows accurate data collection on machines that experience constant speed changes during data acquisition.Applications such as a winder that spools paper coming […]