The Basics of Spectral Resolution for Motor Vibration Analysis

October 14, 2014

PUMPS & SYSTEMS • September 2014

Revisiting the fundamentals of data examination, time and resolution can solve equipment issues before they happen.

Inexperienced vibration analysts encounter a common problem: They are often expected to learn too much, too fast. Instead of taking time to appropriately understand the basics, new analysts must often move directly to a busy schedule of collection and analysis without much apprenticeship. Training is almost always in a group setting, and instructors often move too quickly through the material. The facts are learned well enough for an analyst-level exam, but an in-depth understanding is often taken for granted.

Accurate vibration analysis requires complete clarity on foundational subjects. Real-world applications demand more of young analysts than what they can learn in group training. Facility operations depend on a whole picture of how their equipment moves and where energy is used—and lost.

Read my entire article The Basics of Spectral Resolution for Motor Vibration Analysis


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Midlands Technical College partners with LUDECA to mentor students as well as faculty on the benefits of PdM, RCM, etc.

October 7, 2014

Ludeca opens up new opportunities for students by donating equipment to Midlands Technical College.


Our company that provides corrective solutions through laser alignment and vibration analysis, donated some equipment to Midlands Technical College, a college located in South Carolina. We donated laser shaft alignment systems, shaft alignment simulators, laser pulley alignment tools to the college. These tools can help detect and correct machinery problems which affect machinery health and reliability.

Read the rest of the news article “Ludeca donates equipment to Midland Technical College” at Plant Services.

Watch Midlands Technical College’ MVPs of Advanced Manufacturing video which includes great testimonials from their mechanical and electrical technicians and features our ROTALIGN ULTRA laser shaft alignment tool

Advanced Manufacturing Video


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See You at Pack Expo and at RETA 2014 Conferences

October 3, 2014

Whether you are a corporate manager, engineer, sales manager, plant manager, manufacturer and production supervisor, brand and marketing manager, quality controller, purchaser, research/development and package designer from across the U.S. and around the world you will find value in learning where their companies stand on the technology curve and how they can provide flexible options for their customers.

In addition to our laser alignment, vibration analysis and balancing solutions, we will also have on display SHAFTALIGN and OPTALIGN SMART systems with the new OS3 and RS5 sensors —better laser visibility and faster measurements!

Booth# E7429
November 3 – 5
Chicago, IL

Register today with code: 77G27

Booth# 302
November 4 – 7
Atlanta, GA
Don’t miss Steve Lochard as he presents “Why Should We Misalign Machines? – Targets and Tolerances”


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Laser Alignment in Marine Applications – Keeping Your Machinery in Line to Maximize your Bottom Line

September 30, 2014

Maritime Reporter & Engineering News • AUGUST 2014

If you operate a vessel, its machinery, without a doubt, will require alignment many times during the course of its life. When misalignment is present components will be worn, efficiency will be lost, and, if left uncorrected, mechanical failures are imminent. This translates into a strain on mechanical systems, your budget and your peace of mind.

When speaking of alignment in marine applications, it is usually shaft alignment that is being referenced…

Read the entire article Laser Alignment – Keeping Your Machinery in Line to Maximize your Bottom Line by our client AME Solutions featuring our ROTALIGN ULTRA laser alignment system


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We’ll be waiting for you at SMRP Conference Booth# 310/312!

September 25, 2014

Maintenance and reliability technology is constantly evolving so we are excited about being part of top industry suppliers and service providers participating and exhibiting at the 2014 SMRP Conference in Orlando, FL.

In addition to our laser alignment, vibration analysis and balancing solutions, we will have on display the new OS3 and RS5 sensors for our SHAFTALIGN and OPTALIGN SMART systems —better laser visibility and faster measurements!

Booth# 310/312
October 20 – 23

Orlando, FL

Register now and take advantage of great keynote speakers, 50 track sessions, hands-on workshops, facility tours, CMRP & CMRT certification and more.


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Are You A Psychologist, A Condition-Monitoring Analyst, Or Both?

September 23, 2014


The roles and responsibilities of today’s equipment-health-focused professionals go beyond collecting and analyzing data.
MT asked a condition-monitoring expert to tell us what the job descriptions don’t.

Many colleges and universities require their students to take a basic psychology course. Most students wonder why. But according to Trent Phillips of LUDECA, Inc., a condition-monitoring (CM) analyst would be very likely to know why.

As the study of mental processes and behavior, psychology teaches the use of behavior and scientific methods to investigate questions and arrive at appropriate conclusions. Such tactics, says Phillips, are critical to anyone who aspires to be a successful analyst—including those in the field of equipment condition-monitoring.

Read entire article/interview “Are You A Psychologist, A Condition-Monitoring Analyst, Or Both?”


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