Thank you for a successful event!

April 22, 2010

We would like to extend a special thanks to those who attended the Facilities Tour in our Doral Training Center on Tuesday. The event started with an overview of our company by Frank Seidenthal followed by a keynote presentation “Getting Maximum Value from a PDM Process” by Bill Hillman.Ludeca Facilities Tour 2010Reliability 2.0 attendees were given a tour of our facility including our NUPIC approved calibration laboratory and they also had the opportunity to interact with the measurement instruments at our various maintenance technology stations featuring dedicated equipment for machinery alignment, vibration analysis, balancing, bearing heating as well as specialized systems and simulators for more demanding measurement applications such as bore and turbine alignment, flatness, straightness and leveling.All stations were equipped with dedicated systems for hands-on experience with the benefit of guidance and assistance from our attending application engineers.We look forward to our next event and to serving your alignment and condition monitoring needs.We leave you all with Bill’s closing statement:

The Key to Success We can train. We can change the way we talk. We can change the way we think. BUT! UNLESS WE CHANGE WHAT WE DO, ALL THE REST IS ONLY BACKGROUND NOISE.

Download keynote presentation “Getting Maximum Value from a PDM Process”

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2 Responses to “Thank you for a successful event!”

  1. LUDECA Team,Thank you very much for holding a tour of your facility during RCM conference. It was a great tour and your hospitality. Most of us really enjoyed the tour and talk by Bill. You have a very fine line of products and we use them too. I really liked your Plumb tool. We may have some application.I like Bill Hillman’s final comments…

  2. Just wanted to say thank you to the Ludeca team for their hospitality this past week. The plant tour, asset management lecture, and product demonstrations were extremely informative. The day overall was one of the highlights of the Reliability 2.0 conference, so thanks again to the team.Glenn GardnerReliability EngineerSeattle City Light