Precision Maintenance: Why do it? – Alignment and Balancing Procedures

November 14, 2017

As Published by Maintenance Technology Magazine September 2017 issue If greater reliability and uptime are of any concern to you, then precision maintenance is a key component in achieving it. This means having clear and simple, yet meaningful, procedures in place for the different tasks involved. Two such tasks are precision alignment and balancing. LUDECA’s  […]


Rotor Balancing Expert Tip

September 20, 2017

Guest Post by Bob Dunn from I&E Central, Inc. A customer was having difficulty balancing the rotor shown above. They had made multiple corrections, some contradictory, and were worse than when they started. In that this is on a shop stand and controlled conditions, something was not right. Looking at the photo, I saw a […]

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A clean and balanced approach to equipment maintenance

December 20, 2016

Proper equipment function requires a properly aligned and balanced machine.  Allowing a machine to operate with an unbalance condition can result in bearing damage, cracks, loose components and many other costly maintenance issues.  Loose debris can dislodge and impact the balance quality of a machine. Debris buildup on the impellers/blades, and other rotating parts can […]

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If you had one tool for reliability what would it be?

November 29, 2016

The practice of reliability has many tools, processes and methodologies that can and should be implemented within a facility. Try as we may, it is usually not possible to implement and sustain all of them. So the challenge quickly becomes deciding which aspects of reliability to implement and in what order! Implementation and enforcement of […]

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The Rights of Precision Balancing

February 9, 2016

Right safety procedures before you balance. Right machines to balance. Right balancing procedure. Right balancing tool. Right balancing tolerances ISO or API. Right data collection Right weights. Right weights locations. Right corrections. Right balancing report. Download [Infographic] 5-Step Balancing Procedure

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