Free”Laser Align”iPhone-iPad App Now Available

June 14, 2010

Ludeca, Inc. presents “Laser Align“, a free reference tool for shaft alignment of rotating equipment. With this app, you can access important reference material and learn about key laser shaft alignment concepts. “Laser Align” features the demanding tolerances that have been the industry norm, pioneered by Ludeca in 1983.  These exact same tolerances are used throughout our Laser Shaft Alignment product line.

Laser Align features the following tools with helpful reference guides:Laser Align iPhone App

– Short Flex Tolerance Table

– Spacer Shaft Tolerance Table

– Thermal Growth Calculator

This app offers interactive links for additional information on Pruftechnik laser shaft alignment products such as the Rotalign Ultra, Optalign Smart, Shaftalign, Aligneo. It also features links to Pruftechnik’s condition monitoring products such as the Vibxpert, Vibscanner and Vibnode.

Click here to download the FREE Laser Align iPhone/iPad App Today!

One Response to “Free”Laser Align”iPhone-iPad App Now Available”

  1. The Laser Align iPhone Application is very very nice! We assume that many at Ludeca were involved so CONGRATULATIONS to all and thank you for providing this very useful application!I use an iPhone and an iPad and besides your Laser Align iPhone Application being very useful it is an extremely well done application! High quality pictures are easily exported from the iPad which are actually larger than when displayed on the iPad instrument. The resolution is excellent compared to many of the other industrial applications which we use which were written just for the iPhone! Since there are literally hundreds of thousands of iPad’s in use – please add the iPad to your description for this New Laser Align App!